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How to Prevent Violin Bow Bounce

Violin bow bounce happens because there is too much tension associated with the violin bow.

There are many ways to put too much pressure on the violin bow which causes bow bounce. Here are some of the ways:

- Pressing up against the bow with thumb
- Overall grabbing the bow too tight
- Not moving the bow with the index
- Not bending the wrist
- Stiff forearm
- And many more...

By watching this video, you should be on your way to understanding more about the index finger, and some keys to success in preventing bow bounce on the violin.

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  • Elishaba D on

    Really getting better at being looser with my hold on the bow!
    It’s exciting to look back how far I have come!

    Thanks for all the good tips

  • Adriane on

    Great info, thanks!

  • Elishaba Doerksen on

    Thanks for these tips
    I struggle with my little finger πŸ™ˆ

  • Krystal Lincoln on

    I always struggle with my pinky finger not straightening and then locking up!

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