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How to Prevent Bow Drifting on the Violin

Violin bow drifting happens for a number of reasons. It most commonly happens when you don't have a level instrument, which causes gravity to bring your bow out of place.

It is also very common that students are not working on keeping their bow straight. It is important to work on the bow plane as a beginner, which can be worked on by watching yourself play in a mirror.

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  • Muhamed on

    Its very good to keep practicing some beginners stuff in any level of proficiency.

  • Elishaba Doerksen on

    Thanks I’m going to be working on holding my violin up more. Maybe that is why by now drifts some

  • Fatima on

    That was helpful.. 🌹

  • Diana Ramírez on

    I am a teacher as well and I also insist in the posture of the violin to make my students understand how this affects the bow. Thank you for sharing!

  • Ashley Lopez on

    Thank you for this helpful video! My son started playing the violin back in September, and I’ve noticed he has this problem. I’ll be sure to show him this video!

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