3 Violin Drills that Will Drastically Improve Your Sound

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About this Violin Drills Lesson

One of the most important things that students can learn related to creating a clean sound on the violin is managing bow tension. These things are often unlearned without helpful violin drills which is what I show you in the video.

There are over 30 fundamentals related to the violin which makes working on drills so important. 

To help you guys out, I have a checklist that includes all the fundamentals which you can print out and put on your music stand. You can get access to the checklist here

Most beginners hold the bow way too tight and use incorrect muscles to guide the bow across the strings.

The key is to use small muscles - mainly the index finger to power the bow back and forth. And not only that, but you also need to make sure you are keeping other muscles relaxed.

Over the years, I've created some unique drills that will help you work on these concepts. They are the best drills you can work on to drastically see improvement in your overall sound.

Improving first starts with learning what all the fundamentals are, and then you can implement drills to improve both violin sound, playing speed and vibrato. 

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  • Meg on

    Great tips! I find that my students who grip too tightly also straighten their thumb, and then tension goes all the way from the fingers to the shoulder! It’s so difficult to help them relax after they’re formed incorrect muscle memory, so I’m working hard with them to show them how little they need to hold onto the bow. These tips will help! Thanks.

  • Krystal on

    Drill time!

  • Sandra on

    Thank you so much, I really appreciate your videos,as they do really help me, I also have your book which am on chapter 10/11 I couldn’t have started my journey without it, Its been such a gift so far, Thank you so much

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