Can Adults Learn How to Play the Violin or Fiddle?

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Can Adults Learn How to Play the Violin?

A common question I get all the time is can adults learn how to play the violin?

It is shocking for many adults to hear that adults can have more potential to progress on the violin than kids!

The simple logic is this. Kids don't always want to learn how to play the violin properly or put in the time to do things properly.

The key is properly!

If an adult decides to play the violin, they are much more disciplined to learn the right way, which is an essential part of getting results with the violin.

Many of my most successful students started with me after age 60.

Don't ever let age hold you back in deciding to start to learn to play!

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  • Adriane on

    Encouraging, thanks! 😊

  • Adriane on

    Encouraging, thanks!

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