Various Styles on the Violin Demonstrated

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About this Violin Style Demonstration

There is so much you can play on a violin. In this video, I show you just some of the various styles that can be played on this one instrument!

Yes, learning the violin isn't easy, but with my website and Youtube channel, I'm sure you will be able to learn! I've been playing the violin for the last 27 years, and it is a love of my life.

I encourage you no matter what your age, to at least try out this beautiful instrument. What inspires many people is that no matter what type of music you like, you can with practice, learn it on a violin!

Don't ever let age hold you back in deciding to start to learn to play!

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  • Adriane Giles on

    Interesting and awesome!

  • Krystal Lincoln on

    A good example of different music styles on the violin.

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