Elisa Damiano Violin Vs. Tomasz Kowalski Violin

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About this Violin Comparison Lesson

One of the most popular violins that I promote is the Elisa Damiano violin. The instrument has a very powerful sound, and also a very nice richness across the register. For the price, you really can't beat it and many students have done my 30-day trial and have shortly after decided to purchase this wonderful instrument.

Comparing to the Damiano, I also have an even richer option which is my Kowalski violin made in Poland. This is a more expensive violin but well worth the price. It has a very colorful sound and is the ultimate rich violin for a violin priced under $10,000.

I highly recommend trying either of these violins out - if you are looking for a richer sound I recommend the Kowalski. If you are looking for a powerful sound, I recommend the Damiano.

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