Violin Value Tips - 5 Ways to Tell if Your Violin is Valuable

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About this Violin Value Tips Lesson

In today's video lesson, I cover some helpful tips that will help you determine violin value.

The first thing to keep in mind is that violins are not created equal. All violins have a different character wood which highly contributes to its ability to create a good sound.

Violins with a simple plywood back, are going to sound nasal, and not as ideal compared to a handmade violin that is better quality - both cosmetically and in the way that it sounds.

There are also many other ways to tell the quality of a violin, including the quality of the varnish, the way it is carved, and more.

In the video, I show you a comparison between various instruments which will help you understand more the differences.

Violin value things to consider
1. Pay attention to the quality of the wood
2. Look for characteristics of the varnish
3. Look for attributes of how the violin is carved

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    Helpful, thanks!

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