Vibrato Drills - 3 Drills to Drastically Improve Your Vibrato



About this Vibrato Drills Lesson

Since violin fundamentals are so crucial in mastering violin vibrato, I've put together some of my best vibrato drills that will help in your development.

Mastering vibrato comes down to understanding all the fundamentals of the violin. I've put them together into a checklist for you guys to download here

One of the first things I teach is that importance of a solid left-hand where only fingers are used to find notes. So many students have too low of a hand when playing the violin, thus creating a stiff and inflexible hand for the violin vibrato movements.

To work on this, I've created a finger stretch drill that will test if your hand is high enough to develop a solid vibrato.

I've also created other vibrato drills that will test out your bow hand, as having a stiff right hand can cause issues with how relaxed and flexible your left-hand is.

You would all be surprised how many fundamentals of the right-hand are associated with vibrato. Having a tense right-hand will cause the left-hand to also be tense which will make moving vibrato difficult. 

My vibrato checklist comes all the fundamentals you should know about related to the violin in a nice comprehensive resource. It includes over 6 fundamentals in the right-hand that you should master to see improvement to your vibrato and tone. 

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