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  • Bart on

    Thank you for the personalized emails. I can tell they have been read because you mention things in your response such as my teaching in China. Looking forward to learning vibrato!

  • Elishaba on

    I have a violin that is 100 years old, it is a very nice violin but the case is falling apart and I would LOVE to have a good case for it! These contest or fun!! Expecaly when you can’t afford it gives hope

  • Robyn Butler on

    Hello I purchased a violin from here a couple years ago. Even though I havent hardly practiced at all i still want to learn. Life seems to get in the way right? Ive made some life changes resently and am hoping to be able to start learning soon!!! I still dont know how much longer it will be before i can start lessons but I keep hoping it will be soon. What little I did start doing I enjoyed.

  • Hardin Hobbs on

    Would really love to have this case to protect my grandfather’s old fiddle

  • Elishaba on

    I get excited when I look back and realize how far I have come with changing bad habits and learning new things like reading music πŸ˜€

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