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Here is a good video you can use to match up your pitches on the violin. This violin tuner should really help!

There are numerous violin tuners that you can download (for free) on your mobile device. Nowadays, I don't recommend paying anything to get access to a quality violin tuner. What I recommend is searching for a tuner that has good reviews, and definitely one that is free. There is no need to pay for a violin tuner with all the free ones that are on the web.

One violin tuner that works well that is free is INS Tuner lite. The reason I like this app is that it lights up different colors based on the note you are playing.

I use this with many students not just a a violin tuner, but to help with violin intonation. You can download this app and use it as a resource to help with string pitches in your scales, violin pieces and more. It works really well. When the note you are playing is in tune, it will light up green if it is in a solid acceptable range. When the note is just out of range, it will light up yellow.

Yellow range is acceptable, but you should work on improving the intonation of the note. When the range shows orange, I highly recommend improving this range as this means you are out of what I would consider good intonation range. And when you see red, this means you definitely should work on improving the intonation of the note.

Hope this helps!

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