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W.E. Dorfler Pernambuco Violin Bow No. 20

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About the Dorfler Pernambuco Violin Bow No. 20

I'm excited to promote this German octagonal stick, as it's the best pernambuco violin bow I've ever found under $1,000. They do cost more through other stores - I'm happy to post it for my students for the lowest price online with payment plans available.

There are so many great things about this bow. The sound quality improvement you will get out of your instrument will be significant. The Dorfler bow also provides excellent feel and play-ability, to make your playing much cleaner and pure. It aids very well for improving articulation and overall tone.

My Recommendations

There are many Dorfler bows out there in all different price ranges. Out of all the ones I've tested, the No. 20 model was by far the best, and then I also like the No. 24 which is a bit more expensive. Between the No. 20 and No. 24, I find they both perform very well and depending on how long you have been playing, more advanced students will appreciate the No. 24 more than the No. 20.

For students under 5 years of experience, I highly recommend this bow as an excellent upgrade to a starter level pernambuco or carbon fiber bow. I encourage you to test this bow out (including any others on my site) on a 30-day trial basis so you can bring this bow and others to your teacher to help you through the process of finding the best bow.

About Pernambuco Wood

Pernambuco is the finest wood you can find in the world, and having a bow with pernambuco wood provides a huge advantage to playing the violin. Not every pernambuco bow is made equally. A good quality pernambuco bow is cut a certain way to where it provides the best balance and feel for violin players.

The bow is categorized as 1-star pernambuco with an octagonal stick, finely aged wood, silver-mounted, fully-lined frog and made in Germany.

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