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Blue Select Carbon Fiber Violin Bow

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About the Violin Shack Blue Select Carbon Fiber Bow

This is a great full size carbon fiber violin bow for the price range. It has a very good feel, weight and balance point that makes it easy to get a clean sound compared to other carbon fiber bows in this price range.

All carbon fiber bows are very durable, so you'll find it a great bow regarding how long it will last without ever breaking. The feel of this bow is similar to wood bows in the price range - I highly recommend trying out both this bow and my Nickel wood bow to see which one you like better.

This carbon fiber bow has a beautiful fleur de lys frog with a blue finish. The frog is made of ebony. I do offer a 30-day trial on this bow if you want to check out the quality first before you decide to buy it!

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