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Silver Pernambuco Violin Bow - Used - 50% OFF! (Limited Supply)

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About this AWESOME Deal

Normally my Silver violin bow sells for $399, but I have four used bows I'm willing to sell for 50% off! The quality of these used bows are exactly the same as new. This allows you to get into one of the best bows I recommend under $500, for a fraction of the price!

**There is a limited supply available so I am only able to offer these if you pay up front. You can return the violin bow within 30-days if you aren't happy with it. This is a really great deal! **

About the Silver Pernambuco Violin Bow

After trying out hundreds of bows all over the world, I have finally found the best pernambuco violin bow that you'll find anywhere under $500. You won't find these bows anywhere other than my website. I'm sure you'll see many positive reviews posted soon!

If you were to try out this bow compared to my Nickel series, you will be able to tell a significant difference even as a beginner player. I recommend this bow to players who have been at least playing a year, who are looking for a quality bow to bring the best out of their instrument.

This bow will work very well with my Damiano violin and Tia Bruna violin. You can try it out for 30-days to see for yourself the quality!

About Pernambuco Wood

Pernambuco is the finest wood you can find in the world, and having a bow with pernambuco wood provides a huge advantage to playing the violin. Not every pernambuco bow is made equally. A good quality pernambuco bow is cut a certain way to where it provides the best balance and feel for violin players.

Many other pernambuco bows under $500 will not have the same balance and quality as this silver pernambuco bow that you can try out through my shop.

The bow has a beautiful whalebone grip, octogonal stick, has a fully lined ebony frog, parisian silver eye and solid silver button.

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