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Damiano Violin Package

Regular price $400.00 $2,999.00

About the Damiano Violin

The Damiano violin is by far the best violin I’ve ever played under $3,000. This handcrafted violin has a very good balance of both projection and richness of sound. Each Damiano violin is very consistent in sound and comes with high quality dominant strings.

I’ve had students looking as high as the $8,000 price range purchase the violins after testing out many other violins from other shops.

The Damiano violin is very powerful instrument, and could easily be a violin that could last a student many years of playing the violin. It is the full package of what students should be looking for in this price range.


The sound quality of the Damiano is very easy to distinguish even for beginners. The sound is very powerful yet is extremely easy to play. Many of my most loyal students own Damiano violins after testing them out through my 30-day trial program.

**The product photo has the Damiano with rosewood fittings. Most Damianos have ebony fittings – if you prefer to have rosewood, live chat us and we will coordinate that for you. Every Damiano has an ebony fingerboard we are talking here about the chin rest, pegs and tailpiece.**

Comparison Between Vitale, Tia Bruna and Damiano Violins

What's Included?

If you are looking for a more powerful sound, we can install Evah Pirazzi strings on this violin. Since the Damiano already has a very powerful sound, the default string which sounds good with the Damiano that we put on is Domiant strings with Pirazzi gold E.

The Damiano violin comes with my Core Oblong Wood case ($195 value) as well as a Brazil Wood violin bow ($25 value) and rosin block.

Where is This Violin Made?

The finest quality violins I've found under $3,000 are made in China, while over this price range, I've found Polish violins to have the best value.

I encourage you to check out the article below I wrote on violinist.com about this subject:

How to Find Violins for Sale - Chinese vs. European

I know some people are weary of buying a violin from China, or think the quality isn't potentially as good. The truth is many violins from China are awesome but you have to find the right source and process.

The reason why my Chinese violins are so good is that I work with a professional player here in the United States who goes to China directly and picks only the best violins to sell wholesale. He is an extremely picky guy when it comes to sound, and then further I only choose the best sounding violins from his batch of inventory.

Ultimately in the end, my students are getting the very best quality violins at this price point because of the process of finding the very best from China. Not every shop will have this process but I have found it to work the best to get the best sounding instruments into student hands.

30-Day Trial

I always encourage my 30-day trial period so you can see for yourself the quality of these violins. Nine times out of ten even when students are comparing this violin to competitors they choose this violin based on the sound quality.

Since that is what I'm all about - helping students find the best quality sounding violins, I'm happy that my source from China is one of the best you'll find anywhere online.

To setup a trial, inquire about trade-ins or payment plans - live chat me or visit my contact us page!

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