Difference between violin bows – Does it really make a difference?

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Many students ask me if there is a difference between violin bows.

The simple answer is not only yes, but definitely!

Pernambuco violin bows perform much better even if you have been playing only one year or more.

Students will find it much easier to create a clean sound on a Pernambuco violin bow, which is going to be tons better than a basic bow you will get in a standard rental outfit.

Brazilwood bows are cheap and can do the job in teaching you the basics, but a bow upgrade is worth it once you reach a certain point.

My recommendation is for you to try out a Pernambuco violin bow (regardless of your level) and see how much difference it makes in your playing.

I would say about 85% of people after even just playing a few seconds, are shocked at how much easier it is to play on a Pernambuco bow.

Carbon fiber bows are also good, but not nearly as good (in general) as a good wood Pernambuco bow.

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