Welcome to Violin Shack!

My name is Michael Sanchez, I'm a violin player, fiddler, and world-renown teacher, currently residing in the beautiful state of Michigan.

I've been playing violin now for over 28 years, teaching online for over ten years and in 2013 I authored the violin/fiddle book "Fiddle for Dummies," sold in bookstores worldwide.

In case you didn't know, the violin and fiddle are the same instruments that only differs in the way you play it.

About The Violin Shack

With extensive experience teaching violin and recommending quality violins and bows, I decided to consolidate everything that would be helpful to a violin/fiddle enthusiast into one universal website.

My old website Violin Tutor Pro was great, but not nearly as organized and helpful as the lessons I have for you now.

Furthermore, my previous brand Superior Violins was trusted, but I wanted to create an even easier way for people to understand and trust a resource for finding quality instruments and bows.

Then she was born...

I created Violin Shack in early 2018, which is an all-in-one solution to help violin enthusiasts improve on the violin/fiddle.

Hope you enjoy my lessons and new website. :)