Adult Violin Learners Group

From violin teacher Michael Sanchez, owner of Violin Shack and leader of Adult Violin Learners on Facebook. 


Adult Violin Learners is a group on Facebook that I created in 2014 to help people learn to improve the violin. The vision of the group is as follows:

  1. To inspire adult learners in their daily progress of learning violin
  2. To keep learning violin fun and interactive
  3. To create an awesome community!

In order for our community to thrive and grow in a positive way, I believe the quality of comments, posts and videos are core to what will make the best group for learning the violin on Facebook!

So what is considered quality content?

  1. Content that is made to genuinely involve yourself in the community.
  2. Content that other people will find interesting, helpful or inspiring.
  3. Content that involves the discussion of others and can help others in some way.

Here are our official rules.

1. Violin related posts only. As much as I love cats and dogs, posting about them in Adult Violin Learners is not the best place…:)

2. Comments/posts read well (don't have to be perfect). I want to encourage how comments and and posts are written. Whatever your best English is, please put in that effort. Keep in mind this won't get you banned, but please try your best! :) 

3. No GIFs. These are photos that portray some type of emotion/reaction. I think although they mean well, they are sort of annoying and take away from the quality of a post. Imagine seeing 10 comments in a row that are all GIFs. Not quite as helpful as seeing 10 quality comments in the format I mentioned above. :)

4. No jokes in bad taste. I haven’t seen a lot of this, but I want comments to be as professional, inspiring and encouraging as possible. Comments that could be looked at by any percentage of the population as crude/sarcastic, are not allowed.

5. No negativity of any kind as well as belittling words.

6. No insults or personal attacks. This one will instantly get you banned.

7. Bad advice. I want our page to be as helpful as possible, so anything that an advanced player would consider bad advice I encourage you to flag. I know there is a lot of gray area here so don’t worry. Most advice is going to be good advice. If a comment gets flagged as bad advice and I agree, I will message you (not ban you for this).

8. Poaching members is not allowed.

9. Do not post multiple comments/posts when one will suffice.

10. Do not call women “deary” or “dear”. I haven’t seen this in this group yet and am taking the rule from another group. No hitting on other members - that will definitely get you banned. As we grow I want to be clear this is not allowed.

11. No harassing admins. We want our admins/moderators to enjoy the page just as much as everyone else. Keep in mind they are not getting paid for their time, so anything disrespectful to them will not be allowed.

12. No contacting admins/moderators directly. If you have a problem with something, message me, not any of the other admins.

13. No sales, spam, advertising, or self-promotion. You will never see me directly promote any of my products on of our public posts. I also don’t want any specific products being promoted of any kind.

This is what would be allowed:

1. Recommending certain attributes of violins/bows like quality of wood or recommended price range. As long as it doesn’t point someone in a specific direction - just a general direction.

2. Recommending any of my videos on Youtube that are helpful (not salesy).

3. Recommending any of my violin related products in general (no specific links).

4. Recommending any of my blog posts that are not salesy (most of them aren’t).

This is what is NOT allowed:

1. Recommending a specific brand or company outside of my network. I put a lot of time and effort into helping all of you improve. You guys get a lot by following the group as I’m a published author, experienced violin teacher and willing to help you individually with no strings attached. If you follow the page for a while, you’ll catch my vibe that I’m all about helping, and promoting myself is not a priority. Although I encourage you to do it elsewhere, It is not in my best interest for my valuable help in this group to be combined with the competition of other brands. In order to continue my efforts in helping the page grow with free advice, support, encouragement and tips, I have to make this a requirement.

2. Links to ANY specific products including my own. I don’t want the page to have any direct links to products on my website or any place else. I think this crosses the line and feels “salesy.” Many people end up leaving groups for this reason and I’m aware of that. General recommendations to my brand are fine, but nothing pushing anyone to buy anything and definitely no links.

3. Links to other professional violin videos. I don’t want links to any videos that underneath the content have a brand/website/product. I understand this can be done accidentally but the comment will get deleted. Again, you want me to continue my efforts right? :)

4. Recommending other Youtube Channels. I’ve put a lot of time into producing videos on Youtube and there is a ton of other great lesson videos out there, but I just ask that you don’t talk about them or promote them in our group. I encourage you to do this elsewhere if you like.

As a Member Here’s How You Can Help

I encourage any members to “flag” a comment or post that doesn’t meet the rules above. Yes, if a comment has bad English, misspellings ect., you are welcome to flag it. You will never be called out or “found out” for doing this, it is encouraged. By helping us spot anything against the rules and under standards of quality, this helps keep the culture of the group consistent and a great place to grow and learn.

By flagging any comment, this goes into our admin area (not seen by members) and we can then delete the comment, ban the user or contact them directly to change the content. I hope you guys understand how helpful you will be by helping us regulate this. There is only so much the admins can spot on their own.

Interested in Joining?

Here is the link to visit my group and request to Join. 

Want to Become a Moderator?

If you are interested in becoming a moderator, send me a message directly. Here are the privileges of all moderators in the group.

  1. Ability to post in the group with no wait-time (auto-publish).
  2. Ability to instantly delete comments based on the rules.
  3. One 30-minute private lesson/phone call with me every month.
  4. Exclusive discounts to my violin store.

To be approved as a moderator, I require you to be a part of Adult Violin Learners for at least 6-months. I also require you to have very good written skills and the ability to spot bad grammar/content in posts.

Look forward to helping you improve on the violin!

Michael Sanchez - Violin Teacher