The Viviano Vitale Violin Package

$999.00 $699.00

  • 1/16
  • 1/8
  • 1/4
  • 1/2
  • 3/4
  • Full Size

The Vitale violin is by far the best violin I’ve ever played under $1,000. It is beautifully handcrafted with a very warm, rich sound across the register. Each Vitale violin is very consistent in sound and comes with high quality dominant strings. The violin could easily compare to violins priced between $1,500-$2,000 regarding sound quality. I guarantee if you are looking for a quality violin in this price range, you will love the Vitale violin!

I’ve sent hundreds of these violins out to students through my 30-day trial period and almost every student has setup a payment plan after the trial period. These violins are truly exceptional for the price and I’m proud to promote them to my students. Many teachers that I work with around the world recommend these instruments to their students as an excellent beginner violin to start learning on.

Where is this Violin Made?

The finest quality violins I’ve found under $3,000 are made in China, while over this price range, I’ve found Polish violins to have the best value. I encourage you to check out the article below I wrote on about this subject:

How to Find Violins for Sale – Chinese vs. European

I know some people are weary of buying a violin from China, or think the quality isn’t potentially as good. The truth is many violins from China are awesome but you have to find the right source and process. The reason why my Chinese violins are so good is that I work with a professional player here in the United States who goes to China directly and picks only the best violins to sell wholesale. He is an extremely picky guy when it comes to sound, and then further I only choose the best sounding violins from his batch of inventory.

Ultimately in the end, my students are getting the very best quality violins at this price point because of the process of finding the very best from China. Not every shop will have this process but I have found it to work the best to get the best sounding instruments into student hands.

I always encourage my 30-day trial period so you can see for yourself the quality of these violins. Nine times out of ten even when students are comparing this violin to competitors they choose this violin based on the sound quality. Since that is what I’m all about – helping students find the best quality sounding violins, I’m happy that my source from China is one of the best you’ll find anywhere online.

What’s Included?

The Vitale violin package comes with my Core Economy violin case ($44 value) as well as a Brazil Wood violin bow ($25 value) and rosin block.

How to Choose a Size

Parents should choose a size for their children, depending on age and height.

  • Age 3 – below to average height – 1/16 size
  • Age 3 – above average height – 1/16 size
  • Age 4 – below to average height – 1/10 size
  • Age 4 – above average height – 1/10 size
  • Age 5 – below to average height – 1/8 size
  • Age 5 – above average height – 1/8 size
  • Age 6 – below to average height – 1/8 size
  • Age 6 – above average height – 1/4 size
  • Age 7 – below to average height – 1/4 size
  • Age 7 – above average height – 1/2 size
  • Age 8-9 – below to average height – 1/2 size
  • Age 8-9 – above average height – 1/2 size
  • Age 10-11 – below to average height – 1/2 size
  • Age 10-11 – above average height – 3/4 size
  • Age 12 – below to average height – 3/4 size
  • Age 12+ – above average height – Full Size

If you are not sure, lean towards the smaller size – it’s better to get a slightly smaller violin to learn on that a violin that is too large.

30-Day Trial Program

I offer a 30-day trial period on all my bows and instruments. If you want to try out a product, live chat me by pressing the blue button below.

I will work with you regarding an affordable deposit which is refundable upon return of the instrument/bow. The deposit would also apply towards the purchase price if you decide you like the instrument/bows.

My products are my personal recommendations – I based them on sound quality value vs. price. This is a huge advantage to you if you are looking for the best sound combination possible for your budget!

You can try out up to three instruments at once and up to four bows at once.

My personal service will allow you to connect with me directly and I can suggest recommendations based on your budget, sound quality interest and more.

Just press the blue button below and I’ll either answer right away or get back with you within 24 hours (or sooner). 🙂

I’d love to establish a personal relationship with you!

Michael Sanchez – Violinist and Teacher

Trade-In Policy

I want to make things easy for you to upgrade your instrument/bow. That is why I’m very generous when it comes to my trade-in policy.

Based on what you paid for your instrument and the value, I can give you a fair (usually more than generous) offer on what I would be willing to take for your instrument on trade.

This combined with a payment plan might be exactly what you need to get into a great new instrument – and start sounding better than ever before!

Just live chat me by pressing the blue button below – I will get back to you right away. Look forward to working with you!

Payment Plans

I like to build personal relationships with my customers and students. That means I’m willing to be very flexible with you regarding payment plans on all my instruments and bows.

All you have to do is live chat me by pressing the blue button below and I will personally speak with you about payment plan options.

If I’m not available I will reply back to you within 24 hours or sooner! 🙂

Refund Policy

I have a 30-day no questions asked refund policy. Anything you purchase on my website that you are not happy with within 30-days I will provide you with a full refund.

Warranty Info

I want you as a happy customer for life. If you have any issues with any products that you have purchased on my website within one-year, I will replace the product for you. This includes issues with instruments, bows, and cases.

Domestic and International Shipping

I ship all products on my website Worldwide!


U.S./Canada – Free USPS Shipping on ALL products (No Minimum Order)

Other Locations – $25 Flat Fee per Shipment


If you have any questions about products you can live chat me by pressing the blue button in the bottom part of your screen. If I’m not available, I will reply back within 24 hours (usually sooner).

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  1. Michael Sanchez

    I’ve sold hundreds of Vitale violins over the years and had many reviews on my other website. I had to change websites in 2018 for personal reasons – one of the disappointments was losing my reviews! Anyways, I look forward to seeing new reviews posted from new customers and possibly some from old customers that are willing to re-post regarding their experience.

    Look forward to seeing all the new reviews!

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