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W.E. Dorfler Pernambuco Violin Bow No. 24

Regular price $500.00 $2,350.00

About the Dorfler Pernambuco Violin Bow No. 24

I'm excited to promote this German octagonal stick, as it's the best pernambuco violin bow I've ever found under $2,500. There are many Dorfler bows on the market - this is by far the best one in their line.

I highly recommend this bow to intermediate to advanced violin players. The bow has an extremely good balance point and brings a great sound out of the violin. I love playing on this bow with my line of European violins including my Kowalski violin and Topa. It is very complimentary to these instruments.

My Recommendations

After playing on this bow for many weeks, I found the bow aided so much in the ability to help create a clean sound with advanced articulation passages. It is the best bow I've tested in this price range! It is a medium weight bow - the one that I've been testing weighs about 61g.

About Pernambuco Wood

Pernambuco is the finest wood you can find in the world, and having a bow with pernambuco wood provides a huge advantage to playing the violin. Not every pernambuco bow is made equally. A good quality pernambuco bow is cut a certain way to where it provides the best balance and feel for violin players.

The bow is categorized as 3-star pernambuco with an octagonal stick, finely aged wood, mommoth ivory frog and made in Germany.

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