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Wojciech Topa Violin - Used - $3,500 OFF! (Limited Supply)
Wojciech Topa Violin - Used - $3,500 OFF! (Limited Supply)
Wojciech Topa Violin - Used - $3,500 OFF! (Limited Supply)
Wojciech Topa Violin - Used - $3,500 OFF! (Limited Supply)
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Wojciech Topa Violin - Used - $3,500 OFF! (Limited Supply)

Regular price $9,999.00 Sale price $13,500.00

About this AWESOME Deal

Normally Topa violins sell for $13,500, but I have just ONE used instruments I'm willing to sell for $3,500 off! The sound quality of these used instruments are exactly the same as new. This allows you to get into one of the best sounding violins I've ever played under $20,000, for a fraction of the price!

**There is just one available so I am only able to offer this deal if you pay up front. You can return the violin within 30-days if you aren't happy with it. The package will include a quality wood case (new). **

About the Topa Violin

The Topa violin is the best quality violin I've played under $15,000. The sound quality is extremely rich across the register and is so warm and colorful. The videos I put together don't give the violin justice regarding how great the violin sounds under the ear!This violin is not just for advanced players.

I've sold many of them to both beginners and advanced players over the years - even beginners can instantly tell how much better the violin sounds compared to others they have tested. I've heard so much positive feedback about these violins over the years - it's an honor and delight to promote such a wonderful instrument.

There is some good information on about this violin - not many people have anything negative to say. For the price they have an incredible tone and are really fun and easy to play. It would help take any violinists playing to the next level. I know multiple professionals that use this as their main instrument for their main performing instrument.

This is definitely an instrument that would last you a lifetime. If you are an adult player that wants to never make a violin purchase again (no matter how good you get), this is a great investment. Since violins go up in value over time, it's a violin that will not only give you so much enjoyment, but something that you can always know is easily resellable because of how great the violin sounds and how it will go up in value.

If you decide to try out the violin, I have no doubts, you will likely fall in love with it right away. This is the instrument I perform on and do many of my lesson videos with. It's hard to play any other violin after you have played on a Topa - simple as that.

Comparison Between Lacek, Kowalski and Topa Violins

What's Included?

The Topa violin comes with Evah Pirazzi strings installed. It includes my Core Oblong Wood case ($195 value). 

Where is This Violin Made?

The Topa violin is made by Wojciech Topa who is a master Polish violin craftsman. I encourage you to check out the article below I wrote on about how some of the finest violins I’ve found regarding sound quality vs. price are made in Poland.

How to Find Violins for Sale – Chinese vs. European

What I find is that German and Italian instruments are always over-priced when you are looking directly at sound. That is why this instrument is so good because it is made so well but not over-priced based on country of origin.

30-Day Trial

I always encourage my 30-day trial period so you can see for yourself the quality of these violins. Nine times out of ten even when students are comparing this violin to competitors they choose this violin based on the sound quality.

I encourage you to bring the violin to your teacher through the trial program so you can see for yourself how great these violins are for the price.

To setup a trial, inquire about trade-ins or payment plans - live chat me or visit my contact us page!

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