The Violinist’s Guide to Mastering Violin Vibrato

About this Lesson

One of the most critical parts of mastering violin vibrato is working on fundamentals that make sure you develop the hand motion properly.

I recommend developing a forearm vibrato, although it is also proper to create a wrist vibrato as shown in the video.

Some of the fundamentals that are very important to master are listed below:

  1. Having the hand high enough
  2. Using the tips of the fingers to place notes
  3. Development of slow, consistent waves
  4. Relaxed left and right hand

Many students tend to have the bad habit of reaching for notes on the fingerboard, which tenses up the hand. It is essential to avoid this bad habit before you start learning violin vibrato.

By going through the video, you should be on your way to developing a solid vibrato and make sure you are avoiding all the bad habits that make learning vibrato challenging.

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