Violin Vibrato Lesson to Improve Hand Fluidity on Video

Violin Vibrato Video Summary

In the violin vibrato video above, I go over one of the most significant missed elements of mastering vibrato which is paying attention to the right-hand. You’ll definitely get a lot out of this violin vibrato lesson!

Many students overlook the importance of improving the right-hand when it comes to mastering violin vibrato.

If your right-hand is tense while you are bowing, you’ll also likely be tense in your left-hand.

So when you are playing the violin, it’s critical to pay attention to how you are holding the bow.

Make sure you avoid using the thumb and pinky to guide the bow.

The key is using the small muscles in the right-hand.

Never underestimate the importance of both hands being relaxed.

Most students focus only on the left-hand.

Violin Vibrato Lesson Additional Tips

Here are some additional violin vibrato tips outside of the video above.

1. Make sure your thumb is curved in the bow-hand.
2. Avoid pressing up against the bow with the pinky.
3. Get your index finger over the stick more (you’ll feel like you have less control of the bow which is good).

The violin vibrato video should help you tremendously, but there is so much more to say about violin vibrato.

If you want detailed help on how to establish solid technique on the violin, I highly recommend my Perfect Vibrato course which covers foundations of setting up the left hand, right hand and detailed steps on how to improve your sound.

This course covers how to improve vibrato, and also is an excellent four-week study of how to get rid of many bad habits you may have currently when playing the violin (learn more here). It is appropriate for beginners as well as anyone under fifteen years of experience who wants to improve their sound.


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